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Machines Available

Truck Mounts

Truck mounted cherry picker offer great versatility.

No need to have them delivered on a trailer or pick them up on a trailer. Most models are able to be driven with a standard U.K driving license (3.5 Ton or under). Meaning you can either drop your vehicle off to us and take that away and swap it back later, get a lift to us, or arrange for us to pick you up.

However, we also offer operated hire, where are highly skilled & trained operators will operate for you. Larger HGV models offering heights of 70 meter plus also available.

Spider Lifts

Spider lifts (aka tracked boom lifts or tracked cherry pickers) are fitted with an articulating or telescopic boom lift mounted on tracks to reduce ground pressure and fitted with outriggers to add stability – making them perfect for difficult access and egress challenges. Increasingly, work sites present difficult height access challenges. This is where tracked spider booms come in. A large range are able to fit through internal doors and even more are available to fit through gates.
Mounted on caterpillar type crawler tracks they provide access to demanding locations – externally and internally – easily, safely and efficiently. Tracked booms are compact and agile making them ideal for locations that can only be reached through doors or alleyways.

Working heights in excess of 40 meters. Available to hire on self-drive or operator hire, with collection & delivery options available.

These lifts can usually get closest to any house, or building where road access is not possible.

Articular Booms

Versatile available jib takes you up and over obstacles for precise positioning. Brilliant machines for working up and over places, like roofs or hard to reach places.

Electric Articulated Booms offer quiet, emission free operation, and are the ideal cherry pickers for use in sensitive work environments. Proportional lift and drive controls allow precise positioning of the boom and smooth drive performance, with a tight turning radius. The electric boom range includes a nice variety of narrow models. These are ideal for the tightest & most confined areas.

Bi-Energy Articulated Booms use a mix of a battery with a diesel-powered generator and are ideal for industrial use where the boom lift needs to be driven significant distances.

Diesel Articulated Booms provide lifting versatility with a wide range of working heights and outreach. They also offer high ground clearance, two or four wheel drive options and positive traction drive for easy travel over rough terrain. Ideal for outdoor construction and industrial applications.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

Straight boom provides greatest horizontal reach, often more horizontal outreach than any other type of access platform. These machines are often driveable while in the air at full height. Machines available for indoor and outdoor use.

Scissor Lifts

Machines providing access up to 33m. The wide range of scissor lifts available, offer versatile access both indoors and outdoors, with electric, bi-fuel, hybrid, gas and diesel options available.
Scissor lifts have a large range of uses both inside & outdoor & available from B.A.P. for only £99.00

Trailer Mounts

Trailer mounted boom lifts, sometimes called trailer mounts, are boom type access platforms mounted onto a specially designed chassis that can easily be towed and transported to the work site. This makes them especially useful for tasks that require driving across different sites often, such as Window cleaning commercially, CCTV installation and Facilities Management.

The majority of trailer mounts B.A.P. offers are lightweight and as compact as possible. They also offer an excellent working envelope for their size. Trailer booms can be set up simply with hydraulic outriggers and can then be transported to between sites/locations vary easy. One of the most cost-effective hire options available.