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If you are not fully conversant with the plant hired from Briggs Access Platforms, you are advised to contact us for the appropriate operating instructions.

It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that the persons using the plant have received the appropriate instructions, information and training.​

There is no minimum hire period.  A machine can be hired for 1 hour, however minimum costs are 1 day.
Machines are usually hired via delivery, with some options for collection.
Most machines offer operator hire, however some are self-drive only. Call or email to discuss further.
Typically, there is no maximum limit on the duration of a hire. The exceptions to this can be provided via email.

The hire period charges usually excludes weekends and bank holidays. No breakdown cover or other assistance will be available on these days.

You can extend your hire by calling 01223 297891 or 01733639891 and speaking with us, we will be able to take additional payment over the phone. Please have your order number and credit/debit card to hand.
You are unable to extend your hire online.

A machine is provided with a full tank of fuel at the standard listed charge rate. 
Electric models will come fully charged.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure there is insurance cover in place to ensure the machine you hire is adequately protected in the event of any loss and/or damage.
Best way is for you to ensure you have “hired in plant insurance on your policy”. Please also ensure the value it covers is enough to cover the machine on hire.

Briggs Access platforms offer a special indemnity scheme. Whilst NOT an insurance policy it offers customers an indemnity against machine damage/loss charges, subject to them meeting basic obligations under the hire contract. Charged at 20% of the weekly hire charge, this indemnity scheme provides the Hirer with protection against the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment following accidental damage, loss, theft, vandalism or malicious damage. There is no excess to pay.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure appropriate protection is taken

We can offer same day delivery, where possible. However often 48-72 hours is required.  All orders placed are subject to validation checks being satisfactorily completed.

Transport, delivery and return costs are calculated from your postcode location to our location (Cambridge).
Where applicable, additional charges (such as congestion charges, bridge tolls etc) will automatically be calculated and the cost added to your basket.
Our operated hire offers free delivery thin 25 miles.

Orders can only be placed for delivery to the UK mainland, using our large network of contacts we can offer coverage for most if not all of the U.K.
No machine may be moved from the initial delivery address during the hire period, unless agreed otherwise. Usually only trailer mounts can be used at different sites.

Delivery times will vary. They are usually made between 06.00 and 18.00 on the first day of hire.
We will contact you on the working day prior to the delivery date to confirm arrangements and give an indicative delivery time. Please ensure you or a representative will be present on site to take delivery of the machine, key and any ancillaries ordered. Following delivery, please ensure you have fully read and understand the operator’s manual, and that the ground conditions are suitable for the machine supplied. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure unobstructed access and egress for the loading and unloading of the plant on site.

We will contact you prior to the end of the initial hire period to check how your hire is progressing and confirm off-hire needs. If you wish to off-hire before the end of your hire period:

  • Please telephone 01223 297891 and speak to a member of the team.
  • Have your order number to hand

Please be aware – a minimum hire charge will apply should a machine be off-hired early.

We will endeavour to collect within 3 working days of the off-hire date, although this cannot be guaranteed.

To avoid any additional charges, please ensure the equipment is clean and free from any debris prior to off-hire.

As per our standard terms and conditions, the hirer is responsible for any loss or damage until the machine is collected from site.

Should you experience any issues with the machine whilst on hire or require technical information, please phone 01223297891 (Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 17.30).

All electric/bi fuel machines are powered by rechargeable batteries. To recharge the batteries, the built-in charger must be connected to a suitable 110V supply or to the mains electric supply using a suitable 110v transformer and lead. Ancillary items are available for purchase and can be added to the order.

All diesel machines will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. Should you need to refuel the machine during the hire, it can be refuelled using white diesel.

Payment option vary. If you have an account with us, or if it’s a one off purchase. Please contact 01223297891 or 01733639891 to find our more.

Whilst the cost of your hire has been paid for in advance, invoices will be issued to you for tax reference purposes only.  Please note that you may receive multiple invoices dependent upon the hire period, for instance:

  • In the case of 1-3 days hire, an invoice will be issued upon termination of the hire.

  • For hires exceeding 5 working days, invoices will be issued weekly up to and including the termination date of the hire contract. Typically, all charges, other than ongoing hire charges, will be present on the first invoice raised.